freight-cargo-elevator-in-bd-company | Swiftbd

Canny Freight / Cargo Elevator

Product Introduction: CANNY Freight Elevator is featured by the large gravity, durable and beautiful performance, as well as high efficiency and energy saving, thus being able to maximally meet the requirements for different freight transports in various places. Features: Multiple types of door opening ◆ Double folded center opening door, side opening door and run through […]

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Machine Roomless Elevator | Swiftbd

Canny Machine Roomless Elevator

Product Introduction: CANNY KLW machine roomless elevator removes the elevator’s restrictions in construction, construction costs, architectural design style and utilization scopes. In saving space and costs, it brings passengers the efficiency and robustness of the upper wise. Features: Save Construction Space CANNY machine roomless elevator puts the entire elevator into the shaft, so that the […]

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Home Use Elevator | Swiftbd

Canny Home Lift Elevator

Product Introduction: CANNY KLJ Home Use ElevatorBreak the traditional structure, create more spatial possibilities;Multiple security protection, give families more care;Green and energy-saving technology, open the era of elevator home appliance. Features: Elevator home appliance ◆ 220V household power supply, 1.1 KW low power consumption More advanced(machine roomless structure)◆ Excellent elevator performance, unique structure experience.◆ Small occupation area, low […]

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Canny Hospital Elevator | Swiftbd

Canny Hospital Elevator

Product Introduction: CANNY KLB Hospital elevator seriesBearing life & fulfilling mission;Inheriting the continued tender feelings. Features: Customized for the sites of hospitalsGiven the particularity of hospitals, CANNY KLB hospital elevator makes special design in functions, to render more sense of safety to the elder people, children and patients.◆ Space : the super large lift car space […]

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Canny Panoramic Elevator | Swiftbd

Canny Panoramic Elevator

Product Introduction: While you enjoying the scenery in KLG Panorama Elevator,In other’s eyes,It is also a picture of scenery. Features: Humane details to make you easy and comfortable◆ Fault self-diagnosis system, provides detailed preventive maintenance data reference, is convenient for maintenance, and can ensure smooth operation.◆ Serial communication technology greatly reduces wiring amount, improves information reliability, and […]

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