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Product Introduction:

KLF Jinshow escalator is a high-quality, stylish, extraordinary and leading-edge product. It uses highly durable materials and adds more flexibility to the escalator in product design and environmental treatment, thus offering more flexible space for architectural design. And it is suitable for shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and other high-end commercial buildings and facilities.


Seiko Quality, Strive for Perfection
◆ The truss adopts the robotic welding technology, which greatly enhance the manufacturing process. It has lean quality and it is sturdy and durable, beautiful and elegant.
◆ The integral aluminum frontier plate is tough and rugged, stylish and light weighted, and easy for maintenance.
◆ The diameter of the contact roller is ф75. This can effectively reduce the roller pressure, and improve the step chain breaking force dramatically, increase the safety factor by 5-8 times.
◆ Jinshow B-type escalator adopts the stylish and beautiful stainless handrail bracket suitable for large lifting height.
◆ Outside of skirting panel, there is a transparent friction-reducing coating, effectively reducing the friction loss between the steps and skirting panel.

◆ The wedge has a spring structure and glass bracket. By tightening the spring, users can ensure that the wedge and glass is closely laminated, which is sturdy and steady and easy to be installed.

Full Consideration, Safety First
◆ Advanced control systems apply micro computer technology board technology. The fault detection function is further refined, thus greatly improve the safety performance.
◆ High-precision ladder way guide rail system can ensure the minimum gap and prevent foreign matters between steps and skirting panel.
◆ Patterned standard design of high skirting panel effectively improves its protective height and increase the safety of the operation.
◆ In case of emergency malfunction of the escalator, press the emergency stop button and immediately stop the escalator to avoid more accidents.
◆ Running direction and running-forbidden display identification is installed in the handrail entrance to show the running or running-forbidden instruction to ensure the safety of passengers. (Optional)
◆ Advanced CAN communication technology can set up to dozens of signal detections to ensure the comprehensive, real-time monitoring of the escalator and timely diagnosis and repair.