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Canny Public Traffic Type Escalator

Canny Escalator Escalator
Product Introduction:

Adhering to the concept of harmonious transportation, KLT public traffic escalators adopt reasonable external structure and high efficient internal drive, constantly improve product craftsmanship, raise strict demands on details, and strive to provide the most perfect user experience. CANNY adopts careful ladder design and perfect fashion elements for KLT series, providing customers with high-end public traffic escalators that have good appearance, top quality and superior performance.


Brings High-Efficient and Energy-Saving Operation
◆ Excellent drive system and high-power main engine ensure the higher transmission efficiency, stronger driving force and lower power consumption.
◆ New microwave frequency conversion technology protects it from the interference of environment and other factors, making escalator more sensitive, reliable and energy-saving at the same time, and ensuring safety of operation.

◆ Advanced control system enables it to be more scalable and stable, to have further detailed the fault detection functions, thereby providing higher safety performance. (Optional)

Present Perfection Through Details
◆ The whole structure passes the strict computer finite element analysis, the truss adopts robotic robot welding technology, thus greatly enhancing the manufacturing process and making it more sturdy, wearable and beautiful.
◆ The special built-in roller step chain can effectively reduce the noise during driving operation, increase lifting height, increase the strength and service life of aluminum-core wheels under high lifting distance.
◆ PLC automatic lubrication system provides ideal lubrication for gearing chain during operation, extends the service life of transmission device.
◆ New soundproof rubber is posted on the internal baseboards, thus effectively blocking noise generated by machine transmission and components friction.
◆ The specially designed oil-water separator can discharge rainwater, making greasy dirt can be regularly cleaned, thus reducing oil contamination and protecting the environment. (outdoor escalator optional)